About us

A Message from Tom


Greetings Travelers!


There’s optimism!


It is with great pleasure, as publisher, that I welcome you to the Blue Ridge Digest. I couldn’t be more optimistic for the travel opportunities available to us all!

There’s a new website!

2021 slowed travelers down a bit, but we took advantage of that time and created some great new features.


Fear of missing out? Never again….

If you’ve missed any of our travel editions, the last 9 of our 35+ years, are all archived, so you can still find enough to do in these mountains to keep you traveling for decades!


And that’s not all-

We cover six states: VA, NC, WV, TN, KY, and GA and we’re always adding more venues and locations of interest.  Bonnie East, an award-winning travel writer and editor, will be adding travel stories to our editions.  Look for her “Just Off the Next Exit!”


With gratitude-

Thank you for making your vacation an All-American experience in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I understand why you’re here. I’ve spent most of my life traveling these roads, and I still do. 


I retired in 2018, as Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association, spending 36 years with the organization. I’ve come to know the people and the businesses along the way. I’ve witnessed travel trends over the years, and I’ve seen a loyalty of followers to the Blue Ridge Mountains that is unsurpassed.


I hope you find some great travel ideas in our publication that fit your needs.  And I hope you find extraordinary experiences along these well-loved roads.  But most of all, while you’re on vacation, I hope you feel a little bit like you’re “home.”


See ya ‘round!

Tom Hardy, Publisher