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For 35 years, The Blue Ridge Digest has been a favorite publication of mountain travelers and tourism directors. When you advertise with us, your message reaches top prospects at over 100 visitor and welcome centers, state parks, and prominent venues across six states: North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Our publication has popularity with tourism personnel and has great visibility with placement and presentation in travel centers. 

A testament to successful advertising in The Blue Ridge Digest:
On another note… this past weekend we held our Mothers Day Tea. We had a group of 7 join us from Charlotte, NC. The gentleman had picked up a copy of the spring issue when he was fishing in the area near Nantahala . He saw the article about the farm, thought his wife might enjoy visiting this summer. He looked us up on our website, saw the Mother’s Day tea events, and brought the family, son in laws too. That group attending the tea, plus what they spent in the shop paid for the spring ad! We have never seen the results of any advertising like I have with the Blue Ridge Digest. The direct link from the magazine when they pick it up at Oeking and vine to the farm always surprised me, but this was amazing. Just thought I would share! 
Thanks for all you do. 

Ellen, Beagle Ridge

Blue Ridge Digest advertisers reach prospects at over 100 mountain area visitor’s centers,
attractions, and venues across six states, and growing. 

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